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 Aircraft Sales/Acquisitions

Looking to purchase, lease or sell an aircraft? We'll assist you in finding the right fit for your needs. Guidance from sourcing the right aircraft; to the delivery of your next aircraft. Take advantage of our customized acquisition programs. Our services extend, but are not limited to: 

* Part 91 Operators (Private Flight Departments) 

* Air Ambulance. 

* Air Cargo.

* Air Charter. 

* Fixed Based Operators. 

* Flight Schools. 


As a seller’s agent, we provide the following:

*Evaluation and comparison of value.  

*Remarketing by means of email marketing, phone calls, and reaching out to niche buyers. 

*Follow up with all inquiries in a timely manner providing detailed information- specifications, recent photographs, maintenance records and technical data, scheduling showings, leading towards obtaining the best offer. 

*Negotiation all aspects of the sale from APA, to scheduling PPI  & closing. 


As a buyer’s agent we provide the following: 

*Assess the right aircraft for the buyer’s needs. 

*Source and provide viable aircraft for the buyer that suits the budget and operational needs. 

*Negotiate price and purchase terms. 

*Scheduling visual and pre-purchase inspection.

*Appointing the right escrow agent for funds transfer, title transfer and successful closing.

Whether you are looking to sell your aircraft, upgrade, or you are a first-time buyer; we are here to help with your acquisition. 


Click the button below to schedule a call to discuss your needs. We'll discuss your travel needs, frequency and destination & even how you can potentially generate your aircraft into a cash flowing asset with charter revenue opportunities. 

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